Burial transit permit

Burial Transit Permit

The Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria requires that formal request letter for a waiver addressed to Honourable Minister, Federal Ministry Health and relevant documents regarding cause of death be forwarded through the High Commission to obtain repatriation waiver before human remains/corpes are taken to Nigeria.

Requirements for Obtaining Burial Transit Permit


Note: Items 1 to 9 are to be submitted in duplicate to the High Commission to facilitate the process.

  • Formal request letter for a waiver addressed to The Honourable Minister, Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja. indicating the date of death, place of death, cause of death and Age.
  • Burial Transit Permit
  • Certification of Embalming & Preparation of Human Remains
  • Notarized statement of the Funeral Director (stating that the casket contains only the remains of the deceased and nothing else).
  • Medical Examiner’s Report (if applicable) if the deceased was killed
  • Certificate for shipment of Body outside Canada
  • Medical Certificate of death
  • Statement of death
  • Notarized copy of Death Certificate
  • Certification of Vital Record regarding communicable/non communicable disease(s) – [this is to state whether or not the deceased had contagious disease.  If so, the type of disease should be stated in this document].
  • Processing fee of $20 per document payable to the Embassy of Nigeria in form of money order only
  • International waiver fee of five thousand naira only(#5000.00) payable to Port Health services in Nigeria.
  • Nigerian Passport of the Deceased (in case passport is not available, the closest relative should send a notarized letter stating same).
  • Self-Addressed return envelope.

For inquiries please call +260 211 253177 email: nigeria-hc.lusaka@zamnet.zm

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